AURA Systems is a multifaceted technology solutions provider with cutting-edge technical expertise.

Our Company

A driven, dynamic enterprise not limited by a particular technology, product, or brand, AURA Systems is identified by its unparalleled capability to provide holistic solutions tailor-made to meet customer business needs. AURA Systems’ guiding principle is that the right technology can help realize varied business goals, and therefore, it assists customers achieve strategic business initiatives with its solutions. AURA Systems delivers high-quality solutions in varied specialized dimensions of Mobile Application, RFID Systems, and GPS-based Productivity Systems among others. At AURA Systems, the goal is not only to provide the best possible solution, but also to extend post sale support for smooth functioning.

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Combining the briskness of communication and the innovation of technology, AURA Systems has solutions to streamline business operations. Right from making business mobile to organizing enormous information, AURA has touched all corners. These solutions are broadly categorized in three domains:

  • Mobile Technology
  • RFID: Radio Frequency Identification Devices/Barcoding Solutions
  • Interactive Kiosks/Digital Signage
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AURA Systems believes in extending post sale support. To facilitate easy communication between their team and the client they provide their customers with a single number to call in case of any support requirements.

In addition, AURA also offers the following hardware:

  • Ruggedized Hand-Held Equipment – Motorola
  • Retail Bar Code Scanners – Motorola
  • Wireless Equipment – Motorola
  • Rugged Printers – Zebra
  • RFID and Bar-Code Printers – Zebra
  • Infrastructure: Complete turnkey or networking
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