Combining the briskness of communication and the innovation of technology, AURA Systems has solutions to streamline business operations. Right from making business mobile to organizing enormous information, AURA has touched all corners. These solutions are broadly categorized in three domains:

  • Mobile Technology
  • RFID: Radio Frequency Identification Devices/Barcoding Solutions
  • Interactive Kiosks/Digital Signage

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is taking corporate action into the field and beyond. The penetration of internet connectivity has heralded an efficiency in decision-making and agile response time. Not only has this increased connectedness and made businesses global but also more competitive.

At AURA Systems, PDA-based systems are driving the presence of businesses right where the action is – on the field. AURA’s mobility solutions brings information at the fingertips of professionals. AURA believes in extending the availability of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of an organization to the field of action, where business is actuated.

How will you ensure the availability of authentic data instantly, when your sales persons are carrying them around on notepads?

Drawbacks of age-old methods of data gathering Enterprises are increasingly departing from age-old methods of data gathering, and embracing mobile technology to capture customer information. There exists an exhaustive number of reasons to become mobile. At AURA Systems, we have identified solutions to overcome these drawbacks, and deliver rapid mobility to increase business agility.

Our solutions offer objective benefits such as:

  • Control of the ERPs extended to the field where the business actually happens
  • Instant availability of information as required
  • Complete visibility and autonomy on daily operations
  • Better credit control and improved cash flow
  • Transparent flow of information to all entities involved within operations
Our research has shown that the possibilities of optimising the processes in the retail sector are tremendous. With its fair share of operational challenges, the retail sector offers opportunities for implementation of diverse solutions.

We understand that it is elaborate and extensive to extend the ERP to the floor or to the retail back office. Hence, AURA Systems targets the retail segment with specific solutions that will ensure smooth operation of retail shops.

Aura's Retail Floor Solutions

Aura’s Retail Floor Solutions

Inventory of warehouse articles, right from the raw material to the finished goods, is daunting. Most enterprises choose the automation of the warehouse processes to enable control and visibility of the inventory.

AURA Systems’ experience with its many customers approaches inventory management with a creative spin. We assess current processes and combine the usability of PDA in tandem with the ERP processes. This is done by:

  • Complementing the ERP by working in sync with it
  • Completing transactions initiated by the system
  • Working independently of the ERP, while still integrated with it


RFID: Radio Frequency Identification Devices/Barcoding Solutions

Motorola RFID Portfolio
A technology that has garnered trust over the better half of the past century, Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) are integral to the management of successful businesses. Tested over time, RFID allow businesses to enhance efficiency by enabling better tracking of items whatever they may be.

AURA Systems integrates RFID solutions for everyday needs to yield a better tomorrow.

Companies can reduce operating costs by implementing an improved asset tracking system for reduced shrinkage, lowered maintenance costs, and optimised asset utilisation. Using asset tracking, organisations can keep a track of all the assets they own, lease, or control.

AURA Systems works with organisations to automate and control the Acquire-to-Retire (ATR) process of assets.

AURA has recognised that using RFID tags in warehouses on a daily basis radically improves productivity and asset management. The RFID system provides data regarding the product, its location, and data logs. A wireless technology broadcasts a signal with information about the product to which they are attached, and their location in the warehouse.

An RFID-based warehouse management boosts supply-chain visibility and optimises operational efficiency.

The RFID Impact


Interactive Kiosks/Digital Signage

In the age of information overload, it is imperative for an enterprise to reach out to the desired customers the fastest. For a healthy Return on Investment (ROI), Interactive Kiosks and Digital Signage provide extra mileage over competition in securing the customer base.

AURA’s expertise in Interactive Kiosks and Digital Signage is valued highly in helping organisations grow and achieve their goals by strategic marketing.

AURA’s niche in the field is augmented by ways in which it collaborates with organisations to design tailor-made solutions.

AURA designs and deploys kiosks adhering to the requirements of the clients as well as their target audiences. These kiosks can be Information Kiosks, Transaction Kiosks and Internet Surfing Kiosks. AURA goes a step forward and channels its expertise to provide organisations with customised kiosks to collate and consolidate data from the end users and secure kiosks from any form of fraudulent activities.

Kiosks also serve as a platform for brand promotion and impression as a means to marketing solutions.

Digital Signage solutions are a cost-effective solution to the contemporary form of brand marketing that includes print media and Point of Sale (POS) materials. The role of Digital Signage Solutions is garnering pace and is currently being employed in areas such as brand arenas, advertisements, menu boards, and posters in cinema halls among others.

Owing to the centralised control on the installation, Digital Signage goes a long way in providing a controlled outflow of information. It has more freedom to engage the customer by controlling the various aspects of data that can be relayed such as type of media file, inclusive of time, duration and day of the week.

Additionally, it also has the possibility of interacting with the customer base to gauge their reactions thus setting up a consistent feedback loop.